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Micah Brown

I have commented before and I am a huge superfan of you and your Dot & Dash adventures! I received a grant to purchase of sets and I am very excited to get started with them and to start a STEM club. Would love to pick your brain some time about how you got started with different grade levels. I am sure you are super busy, but if you ever get a chance to brainstorm, I'd love to hear your story!

Lori Vines

I am getting ready to start with our class set of 5 Dash/Dot robots, and you blog has been so helpful in my planning! Thank you so much for sharing. I was wondering what "roles" you have for students when using Dash in a small group-I will have one robot for 4 students. How do you handle sharing of tasks?


Thank you, Lori! I also usually had 4 students to 1 robot. I usually had a programer holding the ipad, a robot manager who would press the top button and move Dash when necessary, a writer holding the worksheet, and Thinker/Encourager who was thinking about the next steps they need and encouraging the group. We would trade roles often, so all got a turn with the ipad and the robot. I hope this helps!

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