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You are sooo amazing! Your students are so lucky to have you as a teacher!


Thank you!!! I'm lucky to have such great students to learn with!


Any recommendations about what to do with K kids. I want to take the robots into my daughters class.


My Kindergarten students love making algorithms for Dash to follow in the Path app! I created an unplugged activity where they become Dash and actually follow an algorithm in the room. I plan to do a post with the materials for the activity very soon!

Jeanna Warren

I am just starting out with Dot and dash and am looking for ideas to get my brain going. Thanks for the launch pad! I too teach Kindergarten and I have access to 2 dot/2 dash. If I can create ideas I'd love to share. Maybe we can get a share folder going on pintrest.


I would love to hear/see your ideas! Let me know if you want to do the shared Pinterest board! :) Susan


Where did you get the fabulous blockly blocks to use in your worksheets and dice? Would love to use the art in my own projects.


I took screenshots on the iPad and cut them out using Pixlr. I would be happy to share. I will email you.
:) Susan


Your posts are great! My son just got a dash and dot and I was thinking it may be fun to do something with them for his science fair coming up- have you seen them used for any experiments/fairs??


Thank you! I have not used them in a science fair. I did have my students do an experiment on how far dash moves at different speeds. You can find it here: http://www.thedigitalscoop.com/the_digital_scoop/2015/01/dash-and-dot-robots-distance-and-speed-experiment.html

:) Susan


Thank you!

Michelle Eckstein

Susan, My 2nd grade students loved this lesson. Students were working in pretty big groups because I only had 3 iPads to use today. In order to make sure they were all engaged the entire time, I had the students sit in a circle and roll and complete their sheet while they waited for their turn. Once their sheet was complete, they had to watch Dash perform the algorithm and guess what the code was. Between writing about their code and guessing the algorithm steps of classmates, everyone was happily engaged the entire time. Thanks for the great lesson.


I'm so glad to hear your students enjoyed this lesson! I love how you were able to make it work in bigger groups! Thanks for sharing! Susan


Hi Susan! Thanks for posting all of this information. Is there a way that you can send me a copy of the task card? The link pulls up the On A Roll Worksheet. :)

Shannon Forbes

Hi Susan! I just received Dot and Dash robots and your lesson is a perfect introduction! I am also looking for the task cards. Is there any way you can email them to me?

Celeste E.

Aloha Susan, This is brilliant! Thank you for sharing your ideas and for the effort you've made to improve our learning experiences.

Heather Gauck

You made my night! I thought I might as well check Pinterest and there you were coming to my rescue! I just got the Dash after 5 months of searching for donations on PledgeCents. Dash has a home now in our resource room and I needed something a little bit more organized to give the students a direction. This is Awesome! Thank you, Thank you~


And you made my night by sharing your comment! Thank you! Susan


I would love to use the task cards for both Dash and Dot just so my students have the instructions. The link is not pulling the up. Thank you for the fantastic ideas!


I would also love to have the task cards. I was able to copy the Dot task card from above, but would love to have the task card for Dash as well.

Veronica Godinez

Thank you . Thank you . Today was the first day with Dash & Dot with the after school Coding Club. The kids and I had so much fun the Principal had to call us over the PA System and reminded us that Dash & Dot needed to be put to sleep. The 1.5 hour flew by.


I love hearing this! Thanks for sharing! So glad you are having so much fun with Dash & Dot!
:) Susan

Jennifer Adams

I just received 12 dash and dot sets and am trying to figure out how to organize, store and manage all of them. Do you have the students put them back in the original boxes every time or do they just sit out? How do they also use the app if you have multiple classes using them. Do you clear it or just have a way for them to remember where they are? Thanks for all the great resources!


Hi Jennifer! I only put the robots in their original boxes if we need to move them to another room or building. I have a countertop where we keep them. I have a couple of USB 7 port hubs we use to charge them.

Currently, I have the first users of the Blockly app go through the "driving school" puzzles. You are then put into a free play mode. We leave the app in that mode and don't do more puzzles. I can then give the kids challenges or lessons of my own, which they can complete within the app. At some point, we will try the puzzles, but it's hard with multiple classes and kids using the app.
Hope this helps!

Annie Brabazon

Hi Susan,
I am using your lesson with second grade students and they love it. I am taking a Create with Code class and wondered if I could share the resources you linked on my project site. I have given you credit and listed your Blog. I too would love the images you used to create your handouts.

I am new to coding so this has been such a great resource and has helped me think about other ideas for lessons with Dash and Dot!
Thank you

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