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Joy Meany

Thank you for sharing this activity! I will be doing this today with two students I see in a small group and possibly with a whole class in another building later in the year. If you would like us to share our data, we would be happy to do so! You can email me at jmeany@berea.k12.oh.us


Hi Susan:

This is a very good experiment. I would like to replicate it in the fall, when school starts up again, so I downloaded your very good worksheet.

Regarding the inability to measure distance when Dash travels in a curve, i have a proposed solution: Attach an open expo pen to Dash with tape so that the pen leaves a mark on the linoleum floor as he goes. After Dash's run, lay a string on the mark. Cut the string to the match the length of the mark. Measure string and clean the floor before the janitor sees it and freaks out.

Also, in my class we noticed a significant difference in travel distance and speed depending on the surface. We tried linoleum in hallway, regular carpet in my classroom and the classroom rug that we sit on for circle time. Did you?

Thanks for these awesome posts, and keep up the good work!
(PS the bowling lesson is great too.)


Thank you, Marta!

We did try the activity both on carpet and on linoleum. We noticed a slight change, but it wasn't significant for us. We will have to try the expo marker trick! Thanks for sharing that.

I just did the bowling activity with my summer class and it was a bit hit!
:) Susan

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