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Micah Brown

I am loving your posts about Dot and Dash and how you are utilizing them K-5! Thanks so much for sharing your experiences and goodies. I am hoping to get a set soon and your posts are great starting points. Thanks again!



Thank you!!! I'm glad you are enjoying the posts. I know you will love teaching and learning with Dash and Dot!!!

:) Susan


Hi, this is Lali, from Catalonia. This year I'm going to use Dash and Dot with my 1st and 2nd graders. In my country, Dash and Dot are still very unknown and will be a challenge teach with them. I'm enjoying a lot your posts and I thank you for your advices.



Thank you!!!! Your students will love Dash and Dot!

:) Susan

Angela Bassett

Since I am new to Dash and Dot can you explain the "one button press" and how to do that?


Last year, the Blockly app was set up so students mostly pressed the button on the top of Dash's head to start a program. Now the button would be the start button. So students need to make a program that can run by only pressing start once and not multiple times. Hope this helps! Susan


What kind of tape do you use to keep from leaving a residue?


I used Painter's Tape. It worked great and never left a residue.

Kathy White

Thanks for sharing. I am a tech specialist new position in all K-5 elementary schools in Marysville, WA This is our first year teaching with code.org and I have added a Dot and Dash Robotics before school club i January. I am excited to share and hear from others.

I tried the painters tape but the custodian didn't like it on the floor. Then I moved to laminate with tape on top of it. It is easy to roll up and put away when we are not using it and it is easy to move from classroom to classroom.

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