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what a positive experience. I'm thinking of introducing Dash to some fifth graders, how did you structure the class, did you talk about algorithims etc before proceeding with the coding? Also did you rotate the control/coding on the iPad? If so how often?


Hi, Colin,

Your fifth graders will love Dash! My students had a good amount of previous coding knowledge before this lesson. I have used both the Code.org and Scratch curriculums with them. With that said, I think the Blockly programing for Dash is very user friendly and easy to pick up.

We did rotate the iPad, but I didn't time it or have a schedule. I used the Reflector app (or you could use an Apple TV) to project the Blockly app so everyone in the room could follow along. This really helped everyone to collaborate even if they didn't have the iPad. We also took turns moving Dash to the start of the maze and pressing his button to start the code, which seemed to be two very important jobs to the kids.

I would love to hear more about your experience!

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